Drink Your Water // Vinyl Sticker


Introducing our "Drink Your Water" Vinyl Sticker, a beautiful and practical reminder to stay hydrated. The sticker measures 3" x 3", a perfect size to stand out without overwhelming your space.

Crafted from durable vinyl, this sticker is not only waterproof but also dishwasher safe, ensuring it can withstand everyday wear and tear. Its quality and resilience make it suitable for various applications. You can use it to personalize your water bottles, Stanley cups, laptops, notebooks, or any other smooth surfaces.

The design features a vintage water pump nestled in a vibrant garden of flowers, providing a burst of color and charm wherever you choose to place it. The phrase "Drink Your Water" serves as a friendly reminder to keep up with your daily water intake.

Stay hydrated in style with our "Drink Your Water" vinyl sticker!