Dolls with a Cause


In the spring of 2021, Catholic Charities of Acadiana in Louisiana reached out and since then we have been working on a plan to bring more of the Marzipantz dolls into the world, this time with a special purpose. 

While CCA worked on lining up a manufacturing option that would be consistent with the ethic of the dignity of workers and care for the common good, Marcy worked on training materials and finding ways to help streamline the doll-making all the way on the other side of the world in Nepal. 

We are so excited to share a new opportunity for you to purchase a doll. UNLIKE the dolls that Marcy has been selling through her own website (11" dolls), these dolls are the full-size 17". LIKE the dolls that Marcy offers, these dolls are still hand-made using her patterns and designs. Through the Catholic Charities store, Crossroads Collective, you can purchase a Marzipantz doll!

Your purchase empowers Nepali women to receive hireable skills and have the means to support their families and communities. 

The profits from this purchase support those experiencing homelessness and poverty in the United States of America. 

Follow this link to order yours at Crossroads Collective!