Be a Mother to Me Now // CLEAR BACKGROUND // Vinyl Sticker


The "Be a Mother to Me Now" vinyl sticker is a beautifully designed piece that measures 3" x 2.5". This waterproof sticker features a clear background, which allows the color of whatever you place the sticker on to show through, making it integrate seamlessly with any color scheme.

The prayer "Mary, Mother of Jesus, please Be a Mother to me now" is attributed to Mother Teresa, a saint known for her charitable work and profound spirituality. this appeal for Mary’s mothering spirit to embrace us reminds me of Jesus, when he says on the cross, “Behold your mother.” The motherhood of Mary is meant to embrace us all as we look to her Son. With this sticker, you can carry this powerful message with you wherever you go.

These waterproof vinyl stickers have a multitude of uses. They can be used to personalize items like laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and phone cases. They can also be used on outdoor items due to their waterproof nature, such as on cars, bikes, helmets, or skateboards. Additionally, they can be used to decorate home items like mugs, mirrors, or furniture, adding a personal touch to your everyday objects and are dishwasher safe! They're a great way to express your personal style and interests.