[[Author Doll]] Dorothy Day

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Dorothy Day was a Catholic writer and co-founder of the Catholic Worker newspaper and lived a life dedicated to care for the poor. Dorothy is designated as a Servant of God and her case is being considered for sainthood.

“What a delightful thing it is to be boldly profligate, to ignore the price of coffee and go on serving the long line of destitute me who come to us good coffee and the finest of bread.” -Dorothy Day

This doll has hand-stitched details (face, glasses), real wool roving hair done up in the classic Dorothy Day updo. She has a linen jacket, and carries a small loaf of bread.

Due to the more delicate nature of this doll, it is NOT recommended as a toy. Decor only. To clean: use a warm damp cloth & mild soap to spot clean. Do not machine wash.

Shipping: I ship dolls by way of First Class USPS. While many of the delays from the holidays seem to be resolved, I cannot take responsibility for packages arriving later than estimated. However, I encourage you to reach out if there is a problem and I am happy to do my part in helping to resolve the matter with USPS.