When Can I Purchase a Doll?
Dolls are available during scheduled sales. Doll drops will happen roughly once/month and I will announce the dates here and on my social media accounts. (Follow on Instagram or Facebook for the most up-to-date news.)

What are the Doll Sizes?
Dolls are approximately 11" tall. 

Do you offer Custom Dolls?
Occasionally, although I am currently taking a break from custom orders. I do always appreciate your suggestions and I keep a list and tally requests so I know what there is a high demand for. 

How do I order your book? 
You can order our book through the "Book" tab on this site. You may also order it wherever you normally order your books. 

What is your Return Policy? 
All sales are final. If there is a problem with your order, please contact me right away. When you are ordering, please double check your shipping address, as I cannot be responsible for shipping to an incorrect address if it is the address that you provided.